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Fishing BC – Sturgeon Fishing, Salmon Fishing, Steelhead Fishing & Trout Fishing

Fishing BC on the Fraser River system for trophy sturgeon, five species of pacific salmon, steelhead and trout. This section will offer you valuable information on the top sport fish in BC and more importantly, fish that we target in our area. The Fraser River system offers our guests both year-round and seasonal fishing opportunities.Fishing BC - Fishing Info

Sturgeon fishing is a unique, thrilling, year-round BIG GAME fishery that attracts sport anglers from all four corners of the world. With the average sturgeon being in the 4-6’ range, there aren’t many places in the world where one can hook so many big fish consistently. Not only do they get to grow to immense sizes, they are also very abundant. Sturgeon fishing is by far our most consistent fishery and 20+ fish days are not uncommon. Rarely do you go out and not get any bites.

Our salmon fishing trips are seasonal and provide exciting action to both recreational and expert anglers alike. We fish for 5 different species of pacific salmon, including Chinook salmon, Chum Salmon, Sockeye Salmon, Coho Salmon, and Pink Salmon. Many of the different salmon runs overlap each other, and at certain times of the year, one can hook all 5 species in one day, achieving the Pacific Salmon “Grand Slam”. All 5 salmon species can be caught using both terminal tackle and fly tackle.

If you enjoy steelhead fishing or trout fishing, several of our river systems provide some fantastic opportunities for these fish as well. Winter steelhead fishing is available from January to end of April. Our Sea-Run Bull Trout fishery is available in June & July. View our fish calendar to find out the best times to come and enjoy your favorite fisheries. Open our annual fishing forecast to read interesting fishing articles, and to see what the fishing predictions are for the upcoming season.