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Sockeye Salmon

The Sockeye Salmon (aka Red Salmon) runs in the mighty Fraser River and its tributaries are considered to be some of the largest in the world. The Sockeye Salmon, are highly prized for their mouth watering, delicious and dark orange meat. They are a hard fighting fish, displaying great aerial acrobatics, and super fast, line peeling runs. They average 5-8lbs, with bigger fish over 10lbs available. Every year, anglers patiently await the arrival of the Sockeye Salmon, as it provides fast, action packed fishing that is hard to beat! During big runs, it is not uncommon to hook between 15-25+ salmon per person per day. For alternative picture gallery, click here.

The Sockeye Salmon fishing in BC is strictly controlled by our Fisheries Department (DFO), with a very regulated fish-retention season that usually opens in the first half of August and can last into the first week of Sept. This is primarily a Fraser River “harvest” fishery with bottom bouncing being the common local fishing method for catching these fish in really fast water. We also fish several other smaller tributaries that offer great fly-fishing opportunities for these salmon.

Sockeye Salmon Fishing BC

Sockeye Salmon are present in our rivers from Aug- mid Oct, with the best fishing times being in August… see “fish calendar“. When fishing in BC, expect the Sockeye Salmon to arrive in our rivers as lean, silver fish, fresh from the ocean and in prime fighting and eating condition. As spawning time approaches, they turn to a beautiful and vibrant dark red color that makes them very visible in the clear rivers.

Its hard fighting abilities and great tasting meat, makes this species one of the most sought after salmon in BC . This popular summer time fishery provides exciting fishing opportunities for everyone. It does attract a lot of additional fishing pressure but during openings, there are plenty of fish for everyone. For most, this is a harvest fishery. With warm summer weather and exciting fishing action, this is a highly recommended fishery for family and group outings.

Please Note: This fishery is subject to retention openings and closures, so please check with us regularly for updated information.