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Pink Salmon

The Pink Salmon of British Columbia are the smallest of the BC Salmon species, averaging 4-6lbs, with bigger fish up to 10lbs available. They return to our local rivers every 2 years on the odd year (2013,2015,2017, etc). Just like Chum Salmon, their runs are overwhelmingly huge, providing anglers with a very consistent and fun-filled sport fishery. Some years, this BC salmon run exceeds 25 million fish! For alternative picture gallery, click here.

Just like the Chum Salmon, this too is considered a world-class fishery, providing some of the best salmon fishing in BC. It is truly an amazing sight when you can see thousands of these salmon swimming all around you. Imagine the thrill of watching these salmon chase your fly and other offerings all day long…it’s like being in an aquarium full of salmon! While salmon fishing during the peak of the run, hooking 30-50 pink salmon per person on an 8hr trip is the norm!

Pink Salmon Fishing BC

The Pink Salmon are very aggressive and are probably the easiest to catch out of the 5 BC salmon species. You can watch multiple fish chasing your presentation at any given time! They provide phenomenal fly-fishing opportunities to both beginner and expert fly anglers. If you’re just learning how to fly fish, this is the fishery for you…there are so many fish around that you will catch fish! Traditional spinning and casting gear is also extremely effective using a variety of baits, and these fish are a lot of fun on light tackle.

The Pink Salmon are in the Fraser River and its tributaries from Aug-Oct, with fresh and silver fish available in Aug. and Sept. The Pink Salmon fishery is truly a great fishing experience for everyone who enjoys fishing and the outdoors. It’s perfect for kids who are just learning how to fish and makes for fun family outings. It’s also great for corporate or group events, especially if you want to impress someone with a fun-filled and exciting day of fishing! Don’t miss the next Pink Salmon run…… your trip today!