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Coho Salmon

Coho Salmon (aka Silver Salmon) are one of the most prized salmon in BC. This feisty acrobatic salmon is a big favorite amongst many river anglers. Not nearly as big as the Chinook Salmon, the Coho, on average, weighs between 6-10lbs, but many fish up to 15+lbs are taken. They enter our rivers fresh from the ocean, silver in color, and in prime fighting and eating condition. As they mature and get closer to spawning time, their colors change to beautiful reds and purples. Their rich, great tasting, reddish meat is comparable to that of the Sockeye’s, making it one of the more highly sought after salmon in British Columbia. For alternative viewing gallery, click here.

Coho Salmon are known for their aggressive, yet “moody” behavior, which can provide a good challenge for any river angler. They will chase and strike at a wide variety of presentations, making them an ideal salmon species to target using flies, spoons and spinners. They can also be caught using traditional drift gear with natural and artificial baits, and are a lot of fun using light and medium tackle.

Coho Salmon Fishing BC

If you’re considering going Coho Salmon fishing in BC, they are present in our rivers from mid Sep-Dec, with October to November being the top producing months… see “fish calendar“. The traditional bar-fishing technique with spin-n-glos can be extremely effective on the Fraser River main stem when wanting to specifically target these salmon. Being a smaller salmon, they will often avoid fast currents and move up the river in relatively shallow water close to shore, easily within casting range. Both hatchery (clipped adipose fin) and wild Coho Salmon can be caught on the Fraser River system, but at the present moment, a catch & release regulation is in effect on all wild Coho Salmon.