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Chum Salmon

The Chum Salmon has developed a reputation amongst many local anglers as being a nuisance species. These Chum Salmon, also known as Dog Salmon, are so plentiful, that quite often you will catch them unintentionally, while fishing for other species like Chinook and Coho Salmon. We, however, see them as another powerful and acrobatic salmon that provides a great sport fishery for the river angler. They’re the second biggest of the Pacific Salmon, averaging 10-14lbs, with plenty of 15-20lb+ fish around. For alternative picture gallery, click here.

The Chum Salmon in British Columbia start showing up in our rivers around mid September.  During the peak of the run in October and November, it is common to catch 20-35+salmon/person on an 8hr day trip. The October/November Chum Salmon fishery is truly world-class. This fishery is a paradise for any angler who is looking for consistent hookups with big Chum Salmon!! They are an aggressive species willing to chase and strike at many different offerings, making them ideal to target using fly fishing methods. Spoons, spinners and other artificial baits are extremely effective when using spinning and drift gear.

Late Season Chum Salmon Fishing BC

November is a great month to target these BC salmon. Surprisingly, by this time of year, many anglers pack up their gear for the season, and you can have entire stretches of river all to yourself and your friends. Many silver fish still arrive from the ocean, providing the angler with the opportunity to take some fresh fish home for the BBQ or for the smokehouse.

Along with mild November weather, the world-class Chum Salmon fishery is ideal for fun and exciting family or group outings! With so many Chum Salmon around, you simply can’t go wrong. We guarantee you won’t be disappointed with our Chum Salmon fishery in British Columbia!