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Chinook Salmon (King Salmon)

The Chinook Salmon (aka king salmon & spring salmon) is the king of them all, and they don’t call them kings for nothing. They’re big, they’re strong, and they’ll bust your tackle if you’re under- equipped. They are the biggest of the 5 BC salmon species, and when you’re fishing in BC, you have a good crack at hooking a fish over 40lbs. In our part of British Columbia, we get 2 distinctive runs of Chinook Salmon.They never fail to provide the angler with an exhilarating and challenging battle… big runs, high leaps and heart-stopping pulling power. These fish are one of the most sought after species by many serious anglers worldwide. Most fish average 15-30lbs., but certain strains can reach weights up to 80lbs! For alternative picture gallery, click here.

Chinook Salmon Fishing BC

From late September through to November, we see the arrival of the BIG fall white Chinook Salmon. These brutes are much larger than the red Chinooks, averaging 30-40lbs, with fish up to 60+lbs available! They are very abundant, and once they enter our local rivers, they are relatively easy to catch. They are readily available on the fly, spoon, spinners, and float fishing, and it’s not uncommon for anglers to hook into 20+ of these monsters in one day.

When you’re salmon fishing in BC, you have great chances of hooking large, trophy Chinook Salmon. They are a strong fish, providing the angler with an exhilarating and challenging battle. Broken rods and empty spools are not uncommon when fighting these big BC salmon. If you want to target BIG salmon, than consider the Chinook Salmon as the species of choice. Get ready for some sore arms and shoulders. While fishing for Fall Chinook Salmon, one can also expect to catch Coho Salmon and Chum Salmon. These 3 salmon species combine for the majority of our famous fall salmon runs.