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Salmon Fishing BC

Salmon in BC, Canada are nothing less than spectacular. It is safe to say that southwestern British Columbia is one of the top salmon fishing destinations in the world and to state that our local rivers have abundant runs of salmon would be an understatement. Each year, 10’s of millions of these highly sought after sport fish migrate up our local rivers to return to their spawning grounds where they were once born. These annual salmon migrations provide some of the finest and most exciting salmon fishing opportunities to those fishing enthusiasts seeking the thrill of battling a hard fighting salmon.Salmon Fishing BC

Our BC salmon fishing season typically runs from May-Dec…see “fish calendar“. Our mild coastal climate allows us to fish comfortably late into the year, even in October and November, a time when anglers can enjoy some of best salmon fishing of the year.
You don’t have to travel all the way to Alaska and spend big bucks to catch lots of quality salmon. If you’re looking for an inexpensive salmon trip, and want to experience some of finest salmon fishing in the world, than consider fishing in BC, Canada, as your next fishing destination of choice. Our beautiful rivers, spectacular mountain scenery, and wildlife will make your next salmon fishing trip one to remember!

All 5 species of Pacific Salmon enter our rivers throughout the year. Chinook(King) Salmon, Coho (Silvers) Salmon, Chum Salmon, Sockeye Salmon, and Pink Salmon all return to our rivers, with some runs numbering 25+million of a single species alone. Some of our Featured Fisheries offer our guests the possibilities of hooking 40+ salmon/person/day. Unless you experience something like this yourself, it’s hard to believe and imagine, but yet, it is true.

The truth is, in this part of British Columbia, we have one of the world’s largest, if not THE largest, salmon producing river system (Fraser River) flowing right through the Fraser Valley, providing fantastic BC salmon fishing opportunities to novice and expert anglers alike. The Fraser River is referred to by many as “the greatest salmon river in the world”. It’s an enormous watershed that consists of thousands and thousands of miles of healthy rivers and lakes, which are capable of producing and sustaining these large salmon runs that British Columbia is world renown for.

When fishing with us, you will get a chance to fish a piece of this famous river, it’s prolific tributaries, and several other coastal rivers. We have access to over 12 coastal and inland salmon fishing rivers within 2 hrs of Vancouver, each providing the angler with a unique setting and fishing experience. If you’re after salmon in British Columbia, we have a trip for you!